AWARE is a 100% volunteer wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation operating in Frankston (Victoria) and surrounding suburbs. For wildlife emergencies call our 24 hour hotline on 0412 433 727.


If you come across injured or orphaned wildlife, it is most important to keep the animal as stress free as possible (stress can be fatal).

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How To Help

A great deal of wildlife comes into care through the effect of humans, through car impacts, power-line electrocution, cat/dog attacks, fishing hook and line entanglements and loss of habitat. Wildlife rescuers and carers attempt to balance some of this unnatural depletion of wildlife by returning as many as possible back into the environment. There are many ways to help.

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AWARE is a completely 100% volunteer wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation, which receives no government or corporate funding. We rely on the goodwill of the community at large to keep our services ongoing.

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