Active Involvement

Would you like to take an active role in our organisation? There are many ways to help our much loved wildlife maintain some sort of balance in our environment and to help us deliver this essential service to the community. But no matter what level of involvement, each and every time you set aside your time, skill or donations to help care for wildlife, you are directly contributing to their continued survival and we thank you greatly for your dedication.

Listed are just a few ways you can help, but if you have any other ideas we’d love to hear from you!


Rescuer or Transporter

Wildlife rescue involves ‘catching’ (rescue) wildlife and delivering it to a vet or carer. Transporters do not catch, they simply deliver the animals (between vets, carers etc.,) without having to handle them. These critical roles each give you the opportunity to come into close contact with our wildlife and make an impact not only on their individual lives but also that of their species.

You can be a  rescuer if:

  • You are over 18 years of age (for insurance reasons).
  • Hold a current drivers’ license.
  • Can nominate a time each week or each month to be available for the rescue roster.
  • You become a member of AWARE.
  • You complete AWARE (or other wildlife group) rescuer training.

Contact us for further details.



We need to constantly fund raise to help pay for our ongoing costs of  equipment, food and medical supplies. Your help would be greatly appreciated in the following:

  • Become a fundraiser for AWARE.
  • Run your own fundraising event for AWARE at your school or business.
  • Place your name on our barbecue helper roster.
  • If you’re a business, we are always in need of sponsorship or donated equipment.


Are You Good With Your Hands?

AWARE needs people to help out with the making of pouches, nest boxes and dreys. You can assist by either making or donating material for these invaluable items.

Marsupial Pouch

AWARE deals with hundreds of small marsupial mammals and is always in need of people to sew or knit pouches and pouch liners.

The following pouch sizes are in most demand:
Medium Pouches 20cm (w) x 30cm (h) with liners 20cm (w) x 35cm (h)
Large Pouches 30cm (w) x 35cm (h) with liners 30cm (w) x 40cm (h)

If you can help please download our pouch making pattern for further instructions. Materials used include polar fleece (non-pilling), windcheater fleecy, cotton and flannelette, any wool ply or blends.

Marsupial Nest Box

Orphaned possums are always released with a home. If you can help out with the making of this item please download the Nest Box Pattern.






When orphaned ringtail possums are raised in care, they are always released back into their environment in their own home called a ‘drey’. These are constructed of two plant hanging baskets bound together.

Donations of baskets and coconut liners are greatly appreciated. If you wish to make a ringtail drey and donate it to our group, please download the Drey Making Pattern.




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