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Dusk and dawn are particularly dangerous times for our crepuscular (active between dusk to dawn) animals that venture out at these times.  We all try to squeeze in that last 10km of driving before it gets dark but this is when many people hit a kangaroo that ‘appeared out of nowhere.’

Travel safe, try not to travel just before dusk.  If you must travel at this time then please slow down. We have all seen television advertisements showing the difference that just 5km per hour can make to braking time. This will make it safer for us all on the roads.

If you are unfortunate enough to hit an animal, please do not be indifferent to its pain.

Remember to:

  • Pull over to see if the animal has survived.
  • Always check the pouch of a dead animal as young can often survive (remember possums, kangaroos and wombats  have a backwards facing pouch).
  • Surviving animals can be taken to the nearest vet for pain relief, euthanasia or to be forwarded to a wildlife carer.
  • If injuries are not severe (no blood and guts) then you can also ring a local wildlife rescue group directly, see our Who Else To Contact  page for more information.
  • If leaving a dead animal on the side of the road, please mark it with spray paint or a ribbon.  This indicates that it has already been checked and there are no surviving young.  This saves an animal being checked repeatedly by other motorists.

Marking dead animals indicates that they (and their pouch) have been checked for life

Handy hint – enter various Wildlife Group numbers into your mobile phone before travelling.  This will ensure a speedier outcome for all.  Remember you can also contact RACV Wildlife Connect 13 11 11 throughout Victoria.


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