AWARE wildlife rescue invites you to support our amazing native wildlife living in parks, reserves or school grounds that have no permanent access to water by joining the #adoptaheatstressedpark  initiative.

Each year thousands of animals suffer or perish from lack of water as our climate dries out. You can help reduce this outcome by adopting a park, reserve or school playground.

Simply choose a park to support and we can provide you with a vinyl sticker to affix to the bottom or your dish/s so people are aware these are there for a specific purpose. The sticker can be had for a gold coin donation (plus postage/handling of $1.10).

How to Setup Your Dishes

  • On the ground dishes should be strong plastic or ceramic only (metal dishes become too hot)
  • Dishes hanging in trees should only be plastic or bamboo as these are light-weight and don’t pose a hazard if they fall or are knocked
  • Add some natural rocks and sticks so small insects and lizards can get out if they fall in
  • Water should ideally be replaced each day during the summer season (easy enough if you’re a dog walker with your water bottle!)

Where to Place Your Dishes

  • Place the dishes under shade (wherever possible)
  • Away from paths or heavily accessed areas
  • Away from anywhere they may become a hazard for maintenance crews or people enjoying the park
  • Please remove the dishes at the end of the summer season and store for use the following year!

Thank you for the amazing help you’ll be providing to our local wildlife, keeping them safe and hydrated in their habitat this summer!

How To Purchase Your Vinyl Sticker

Enter your details below and let us know which park you have chosen (gold coin donation plus postage of $1.10) and we’ll mail out the sticker along with your Adopt A Heat-Stressed Park Certificate.

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(Don't forget to add the postage $1.10)