Are you passionate about our precious wildlife? Do you have a flair for organising fundraising events or other fundraising initiatives? We’ve listed a few ideas here on how you can help to raise funds for our native wildlife but please don’t feel limited by this list – the most successful and least stressful events reflect you and your comfort zone.

  • Host a gold coin morning tea or high tea

  • Host a fundraiser event at your school, workplace or club – there are lots of options including a bake sale, a physical challenge, creating products to sell at local markets, a quiz night, a raffle, a school disco or a bowling day

  • Ask for donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday

  • Set up your own an online fundraising page (e.g. on Everyday Hero) and ask friends and family to donate

  • Tie your event in with days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, World Wildlife Day, etc. as a prompt and theme an event such as a lunch, a trivia night, a bake off

  • Got a special skill or know someone who has one? Put on a workshop … cake decorating / floristry / jam making / home brewing

You can make a real difference for our local wildlife. Contact us if you would like to help: