School Visits
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School Visits

Part of the AWARE Wildlife Rescue’s mission is to spread the word about the protection and preservation of native wildlife and their habitat and so we love it when the public – particularly young people – want to have the opportunity to learn about how to co-exist harmoniously with our amazing native wildlife

If you’re interested in having an AWARE Wildlife Rescue volunteer present at your school, please complete the form below and an AWARE volunteer will be in touch.

We ask that you request your presentation well in advance (at least 8 to 10 weeks’ notice) as our group can be extremely busy during certain months of the year (our quieter time is from April to August).  A donation is requested for this service.

Please note: Our educational programs utilise displays and other activities; they never involve live wildlife as our wildlife are in rehabilitation to be released back to the wild, so human contact needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.