• Magpie fledglings start to come into care from the second week of September when the high winds hit the area but are sometimes blown out of nests earlier.
  • Tawny frogmouth chicks are found from the third and fourth week about the size of a golf ball and covered with white fluffy down. Frogmouths are notoriously bad nest builders and it is common for chicks to fall to the ground. Remember these are nocturnal birds that hunt at night, they also feed their chicks and fledglings at night. Should you find a chick (completely white with large round eyes) call for a rescuer immediately. If you find a fledgling (tufts of white down amongst brown grey and black feathers) it will no doubt be trying to ignore you as its instincts tell it to be still and quiet; it will only open its mouth in defence to try and repel your presence. It may also let fly with some rather sloppy faeces as this usually puts predators off. This is all completely normal and does not need to come into care. Should you feel the animal is at risk please contact our hotline for more information.
  • Flying fox pups come into care when they are blown off mother during storms. If found please wrap baby in towel and keep warm do not attempt to feed anything contact a carer ASAP.
  • Blue tongue and Shingleback lizards are commonly found in your backyard sunning themselves. They do this to warm up so they can then look for food. All lizards need to warm up to be able to process their food. You will also find small young lizards which are self sufficient -they do not need to come into care. Lizards should only be rescued if they have been injured.