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What To Do

If you have found an injured/orphaned bird or animal
 If safe for you to approach the animal, throw a towel over it, making sure its head and claws are covered and gently place in a ventilated box. Birds are best placed in a cardboard box so the feathers won’t get damaged. Place a towel on the bottom of the box for stability. Other animals such as possums can be placed in a pet carry cage or similar, also with a towel on the bottom of the cage for stability.

Extremely important guidelines:

  • Keep the animal in a dark, warm and quiet place so as to minimise stress. A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel (hot water from the tap only) will help keep the animal warm, this is especially important for young animals.
  • Keep children and domestic pets away
  • Never offer an injured animal food or drink
  • Handle the animal as little as possible and do not pose wildlife for photos

If you’re unable to pick up the animal, please place a washing basket (or such like) over the bird/animal, then place a towel over the basket so as to keep it away from predators.

AWARE’s Coverage Area

Phone AWARE’s  24 Hour Emergency Hotline 0412 433 727 or your local vet immediately – the first 24 hours are critical to the animal’s survival.